Innovating the Future
of Manufacturing

Essentium is leading the way with next-generation additive manufacturing solutions that challenge the status quo, empower customers, and fuel the future of manufacturing.

Finally, Additive Manufacturing Without Compromise

In the past, deploying additive manufacturing at scale was not feasible due to cost, durability, and speed requirements. Essentium has overcome the limitations of previous additive systems and has unlocked the promise of large-scale additive manufacturing.

With High Speed Extrusion technology, Essentium has become a category creator in the additive manufacturing industry. The Essentium HSE 3D Printing Platforms are transforming traditional manufacturing, giving customers an industrial-scale additive manufacturing solution that allows them to generate production floor-ready parts at scale quickly and cost-effectively.

Fueling these outcomes even further is a robust end-to-end additive manufacturing ecosystem that includes the industry’s broadest range of engineering-grade materials and leading-edge technology.

How Essentium Systems Excel Beyond Additive 2.0



50x faster than traditional manufacturing

5-15x faster than Additive 1.0 extrusion technology



Durability of injection molded parts



Two months to achieve total ROI

30x more profitable than competitive systems

The Best and Broadest Materials Portfolio

Essentium has more than 45 materials patents representing some of the industry's most significant innovations. The company’s vast portfolio includes polymers and composites optimized for strength, performance, and flexibility in even the most demanding environments.

  • 3x more materials than competitors
  • Differentiated multi-layered 3D filaments
  • Supplant metals in many applications
The Best and Broadest Materials Portfolio
Scaling at the Speed of Success

Scaling at the Speed of Success

The Essentium 3D Printing Platforms are designed for more than prototyping. With impressive speed and output, these industrial systems scale like subtractive manufacturing, providing genuine parts and significant transformation to the factory floor. The Essentium HSE 3D Printer has proven adoption across all major markets, including aerospace and defense, automotive, biomedical, contract manufacturing, consumer goods, and electronics manufacturing.

Mercury Case Study

Use of Essentium 3D printing resulted in:

  • 95% lower costs
  • 85% shorter lead times
  • Increased innovation

Building the Digital Manufacturing Ecosystem of the Future

The current impact of additive manufacturing is enormous, and it will grow exponentially with the next generation of emerging technology. Essentium is at the front lines of technological advancements and is building the infrastructure to help facilitate the transition to Industry 4.0. The company’s groundbreaking initiatives include a standard-setting communication protocol that will solve critical encryption challenges related to the Digital Thread.

Laying the Groundwork for Unlocking the Digital Thread

  • 5G Integrated Ultraband 5G Integrated Ultraband
  • Edge Compute Assets In-the-Loop Edge Compute Assets In-the-Loop
  • Workflow Management and Military Grade Encryption Workflow Management & Military Grade Encryption
  • Smart Platforms Smart Platforms
Building the Digital Manufacturing Ecosystem of the Future

Driven by Customer Outcomes

Essentium works to support customers as they build the future of manufacturing with market-leading solutions and applications that transform the manufacturing floor and solve the issues of speed, strength, and scale. Essentium is known for doing what it takes to optimize customer outcomes — providing unparalleled support, tailoring solutions, and clearing the way for customer innovation.

Solutions That Give Customers the Freedom to Innovate

The industrial-scale additive solutions from Essentium put customers at the intersection of creativity, productivity, and massive amounts of untapped potential. Essentium works closely with customers to put them in the driver’s seat of their innovation, helping them gain a strategic advantage with the help of additive manufacturing.

Essentium's Customers are Shaping the Future of Manufacturing

Essentium is a trusted partner to some of the world’s most exacting and innovative organizations. Leveraging Essentium technology, they are at the forefront of the next wave of the industrial revolution.

Solutions that Give Customers the Freedom to Innovate

Essentium: A Story of Innovation

Essentium was formed in 2013 to create a new generation of extrusion materials with the strength, flexibility, and speed to power the future of manufacturing. While partnering with customers and industry, Essentium identified opportunities to transform manufacturing systems and technology.

Over the next five years, Essentium focused on innovating high-performance production printing machines paired with advanced interfaces and software. In January of 2018, Essentium, Inc. launched as an all-encompassing solution to additive manufacturing in the industrial world, providing solutions on both the technology and the machine side.

The company currently has more than 150 patents and patents pending, with more on the way.

Meet the Visionaries Behind Essentium

News and Media Coverage

The Essentium Team
August 24, 2023

Essentium Unveils Innovative Physical Filament Store to Transform 3D Printing in Austin

Essentium Inc., a worldwide leader in industrial additive manufacturing (AM), today announced the launch of its physical filament store in Austin, Texas. This strategic move is a direct result of the partnership Essentium recently formed with 3D-Fuel and aims to expand 3D printing possibilities and foster local maker engagement. The store not only offers premium quality USA-made filaments but also encourages collaboration and education, empowering makers to fully embrace the capabilities of 3D printing technology.

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The Essentium Team
July 20, 2023

Essentium Research Highlights Positive Impact of 3D Printing on Reducing Carbon Emissions

Essentium, Inc., a worldwide leader in industrial additive manufacturing (AM), today announced findings from independent research showcasing the positive impact of 3D printing on reducing carbon emissions. As companies grapple with supply chain challenges, a growing number are adopting sustainable manufacturing approaches, including recyclable materials, reduced energy consumption, and more.

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